Vice-President Leni Robredo meets with the Church of God

Vice-President Leni Robredo takes a picture with Church of God members

Philippine Vice-President Leni Robredo welcomed ambassadors of the World Mission Society Church of God into her Reception House in Quezon City on February 9, 2017. This was in line with the church’s movement to share God’s words with VIPs, including top officials such as Robredo.

Robredo first met the members of the Church of God during an event in General Santos City in January. Upon approaching the Vice-President, members introduced themselves with newspapers featuring the church and awards received. They then connected Robredo to the overseer of the Church of God in Metro Manila.

Shortly afterward, the surprising and amazing news of the February 9 appointment spread throughout the in the Churches of God in the Philippines.

Vice-President Leni Robredo appointment from a spiritual viewpoint

The church had recently gained spiritual strength after being reminded of the Biblical origins of preaching to top officials and professionals. February was, in fact, the month of grace and of preaching to VIPs.

All the Churches of God in the Philippines prayed with fervor and unity for the meeting with Robredo. Overseers, pastoral staff, and missionaries served as ambassadors of the truth for the appointment. As February 9 approached, the Church of God prepared souvenirs, gifts, and DVDs of UCC videos for Vice-President Robredo. The church’s Head Office in South Korea even sent over a specially edited Philippine version of the introduction video.

On February 9, the church’s ambassadors gathered at the Church of God Quezon City temple. Before leaving to meet Robredo, the members made a phone call to Heavenly Mother to ask for Her blessing. They said, “We do not just want to preach to the Vice President, but we want to lead her into Your loving arms.”

Heavenly Mother answered with much support. She told Her children to “earnestly pray to Heavenly Father and glorify Father many times.”

Mother’s leadership

The selected members of the Church of God arrived in the Vice-President’s Reception House in Quezon City at 2:30 pm in the afternoon.

While waiting for Robredo, the members talked to the special projects head who was also present. He watched the church’s introduction video and a UCC video about the existence of Mother God. He expressed his amazement at the existence of Mother God.

After this, the members stated why they wished to meet and study with Robredo. “She is a woman and a mother as well.” Thus, the Vice-President would be able to relate to Mother God.

Above all else, the members wanted to share the love of God the Mother. “If all the people have the love of Mother in their heart, there will be no more problems (in the country),” explained Choi Jeongmaan, the overseer of the Church of God in the Philippines.

Robredo arrived afterward. The members first gave the Vice-President the good news about the UK Queen’s Award the WMSCOG received. Robredo then watched the introduction video before the members introduced the existence of Mother God with her through the Bible.

Vice-President Leni Robredo watches the Church of God introduction video

A Great World Mission

The appointment with the Philippines Vice-President is another step towards reaching out to seven billion people. VIPs are part of the seven billion, that is, the whole world, too. In fact, many of them are still waiting to hear the words of the Spirit and the Bride who say “Come.”

The Churches of God in the Philippines continue to do their part in this world mission. Trusting in God Elohim, the Church of God will guide every soul to hear about the existence of Mother God and Her free gift of the water of life to Her children.

Members of the Church of God introduce Mother God to Vice-President Robred

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